Let’s talk baby steps.  

I have spent years following one “plan” or another.  All promised to be THE one.  Yes, I did lose weight on a few of them.  It made me feel better mentally, but, not physically. I certainly didn’t feel healthy. None of them taught me how to properly eat.  So, within 6 months of completing the plan,  I would gain back the weight I lost plus another 10 pounds for my trouble.  This cycle went on year after year with no positive end in site.

It was in the last quarter of 2014 when I made the decision that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I needed to change things up in my life.  I wanted to make one last attempt at getting my blood pressure under control, to achieve my proper weight and  to avoid altogether the Diabetes that had killed my grandfather.  I certainly didn’t want to be gobbling 15+ pills a day as my father did in his final years. It was a lofty goal for someone who didn’t even know which path to take. So, I began my journey toward better health.  

In the last few years I’ve learned much about a plant-based lifestyle.  I’m by no means a doctor or an expert in nutrition. I’m fully aware that there is much more information to be had.  But, both my bloodwork results and the reduction in my blood pressure, makes it imperative that I share what I have learned about this lifestyle as soon as possible. I want to encourage others start a journey that will truly change their lives.