It’s the time of year when humans suffer from a variety of winter illnesses. For a remedy, I’d like to suggest delicious miso soup. It is nourishing and deeply healing because of the various probiotics and antioxidants naturally found in miso. So, what is miso? It is a paste made from fermented soy and rice. It can also contain grains like barley.  (There is chickpea miso available in case you are allergic to soy.)

One version of the soup is simply miso paste mixed into some hot water.  This miso “broth” is great if you are not feeling well or have flu like symptoms such as no appetite.  If you are able to keep solid food down, you can make the soup a bit more nourishing by adding whatever greens or veggies you might have at home.  Miso is also great for a healthy dinner on a winter night.  Or, think outside the box and warm it up as breakfast during the cold months.

Visit your local health food store to check all the varieties of miso and discover your favorite.